HAL 2019 Repositioning – Days 10-12 Sea Days & Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

May 28, 2019 Paul Groves

Today we arrived in the resort city of Cabo San Lucas located at the tip of Baja California on the Sea of Cortés.  It’s one of Mexico’s top five tourist spots.  The coastlines are filled with hotels and timeshare condos.  It’s a great place for boating, diving, deep sea fishing, parasailing, and just laying around on the beach or partying in the numerous restaurants and bars.  The harbor is filled with boats offering fishing trips and visits to other more isolated beach locations for a very reasonable price.  Certainly it would be worth visiting for a relaxing vacation in the sun.

We had been here before so we didn’t schedule an excursion.  We were only here for abut five hours so we just walked around the harbor/town taking in the sights and having a bit of lunch.

As we walked around the harbor we were excited to see all the various tropical fish swimming around.  Ron took some great pictures of the fish in the water.  We believe the blue and yellow fish are “puffers”.  We also saw the sea urchins and crabs.

Lunch was at a restaurant called “Tacos Gardenias”.  It was located a few blocks off the harbor but it was well worth the walk.  It’s not a fancy place but all the tortillas are made fresh to order and the taco fillings were delicious.  We were able to watch the women in the kitchen as they prepared everything.  Ron ordered a shrimp taco and a chicken mole taco (pictured below).  Paul ordered a shrimp taco and a beef burrito.  They were all served plain (tortilla and meat only) but they set out about 10 bowls of toppings as well.  We could have sat here all day but we had to head back to the ship.

As we left the harbor we got a great view of the Cabo’s famous “El Arco” (Arch of Cabo San Lucas).

Next up, San Francisco!