Busy Summer

July 2, 2019 Paul Groves

Paul is well into his two months of summer workshops. Even though he is retired from classroom teaching, Paul still works with AP chemistry teachers at week-long summer workshops around the state and even in Indianapolis.

These teachers are great and are usually a mix of veteran and new teachers. This is a wonderful, but exhausting way to spend the summer. Paul is doing five of these workshops this summer in addition to teaching an online course through UCLA Extension which is a virtual version of a workshop. Whew!

Ron pretty much stays home and puts together materials that Paul needs for his workshops. Also, there are events all summer at our mobile home park to work on. In two days we have our big 4th of July golf cart parade and Potluck. Ron is the president of our Recreation Club and Paul is in charge of the kitchen, so we will both be busy on the Fourth.