HAL 2019 Repositioning – Day 5 Panama Canal

May 21, 2019 Paul Groves

Here we are again in the Panama Canal.  We went into the canal around 7:00 am and we’ll leave on the Pacific side around 5:00pm.  Weather today is hot, muggy, and a chance of thunderstorms.

Nothing more to say than what we’ve blogged about before.  One item we haven’t mentioned are the white panels along the canal, usually at the bends.  They are usually topped with a light.

These are used for ship alignment by the canal Pilot we have onboard to keep the ship in the center of the canal.

It has begun raining and thundering.  When it rains it slightly cools down the air.  But within minutes the humidity is back and it’s just as muggy as before.  Still, it is impressive to see these locks that were built 100 years ago and still work so well.