HAL 2019 World – Day 13 A Day At Sea – On Deck For A Cause

February 3, 2019 Paul Groves

Today, there is a cancer fund-raising walk called “On Deck for a Cause” that occurs simultaneously on all Holland America Ships. Since this began, the line has been able to raise close to $6 million dollars for cancer research. The funds go to six different international cancer organizations. This is a non-competitive 5K walk (11 laps around the ship).

It began at 10:30 this morning with the ship providing juice, fruit, and pastries to the participants.  From the looks of it over 100 passengers and crew members did the walk.  We’ve participated in this event for past two years.  

This year it was suggested that we write the name of someone we are supporting during the walk.  Paul and I chose Greg, one of our friends and Paul’s teacher colleague.  He has been very supportive of us as well. On Paul’s shirt back (sorry, no photo) is written “Kathy”, another friend who has both needed and provided support.

After the walk, we rewarded ourselves by attending the Sunday Brunch Sampler.  There were three courses: Cold Sampler, Hot Sampler, and Sweet Ending Sampler.

Cold sampler consisted of: Fresh Fruit Skewer with Granola Parfait; Caesar Salad; Bay Shrimp Cocktail Shooter; Norwegian Smoked Salmon on Brioche; Devilled Egg with Ossetra Caviar; Prosciutto Ham and Copa on Six Grain Baguette; and, Beecher’s Marco Polo and Fiscalini Cheese.

The Hot Sampler consisted of: Vegetable Omelet Pot with Crispy Oven Bacon; Biscuit and Gravy; Steamed Broccoli and Home-Style Roasted Potatoes; Sautéed Jumbo Shrimp; Tenderloin Medallion a la Minute with Bernaise Sauce; Breaded Chicken Tender; and, Pancake Stack with Dickinson’s Maple Syrup.

The Sweet Ending Sampler consisted of:  Chocolate Crème Caramel; Pecan Pie; and, Baked Apple Strudel.

They only do this once per cruise so it was a real treat.  Now we have to go walk 20 more laps around the ship to try and work off the calories we’ve eaten in the last two days.  Ugh! (Of course tonight is the Super Bowl party so we’ve got to prepare for that food as well 🙂