Summer Road Trip – 180811 Day 7 Mesquite NV

August 15, 2018 Paul Groves

After a quick breakfast at Pat’s, we were on our way.

Since we had been so busy the last few days, we decided to make just a short trip to Mesquite and stay the night.  

We are still avid Pokémon Go players.  This was a community day and we spent three hours catching the creature of the day… Eevee.  The “shiny” Eevee could be “evolved” into various forms.  With the outdoor temperature in the triple digits, we spent the three hours inside the Virgin River Casino moving from machine to machine.  Multi-tasking is useful.

We stayed at the Casablanca Resort and Casino.  We did some gambling, had a nice dinner, and went to bed early.  BTW they have great $.75 hotdogs.  I had spicy relish added to mine.  Yum!

Tomorrow we’re off to Las Vegas for another visit with our friends Peggy and Cliff.