Summer Road Trip – 180805 Day 1 Las Vegas

August 9, 2018 Paul Groves

Paul has finally finished giving his summer workshops for AP Chemistry teachers and is ready for some relaxation.

Today we’re traveling to Las Vegas to visit our friends Peggy and Cliff.  They used to live in the Oakridge Mobile Home Park but bought a beautiful new house in LV.

On the way be passed a rocket engine test site just outside of Edwards AFB.

When we got to Barstow, we stopped for a quick rest at Peggy Sue’s Dinner (they even had dinosaurs!).

Just before we crossed stateline into Nevada, we saw the solar generating plants along the highway.  Three huge towers with mirrors all pointing at the top to to create the heat necessary to generate the power.

We arrived at Peggy and Cliff’s mid-afternoon and Peggy had fixed a great roast for dinner (who knew she could cook)!

Later they took us to Santa Fe Station casino for a couple of hours.  We went back to the house for a well deserved night of sleep in preparation for our trip to St. George, UT, tomorrow.