Day 51 – 53 of 68 – Traveling to the Amazon River

February 26, 2018 Paul Groves

For three days, we have been traveling. The first day was officially a “sea day” which means were were simply traveling. The second day was entitled “Crossing the Equator” which actually occurred during the night. In earlier cruises, there was a special ceremony at the pool with a “god of the sea” that somehow involved first-timers kissing a fish. Unfortunately (or fortunately) this ceremony did not occur on this cruise. The third day involved entering the actual Amazon River, stopping at a city where we had some official duties to perform (inspections, etc.) and where we took on pilots for the Amazon.

Of course, over the three days, we had some great, informative lectures, interesting entertainment, and watercolor classes. I worked on a picture involving Pat, one of our dinner table group, with some success. She has an elusive smile.

Waking to look out the cabin window to see the brown Amazon River and the dense green foliage along each side is pretty amazing. To think that a few weeks ago, we were looking out the window at icebergs!