Day 38-39 of 68 Buenos Aires, Argentina – Part 5 Culinary Walk

February 15, 2018 Paul Groves

After the long and tiring day yesterday, we decided to do a short and fun tour today: a culinary walk in Buenos Aires. We got a real treat with this tour as we got to sleep in! Our tour didn’t start until 10:30 (the tours usually start at the 8:00) so we had a leisurely breakfast then off to the tour.

The tour started with a two hour bus ride around the city where we revisited several of the sites from yesterday. It was great to see them again without buckets of rain!

One new location was a bridge called “Woman’s Bridge” located in the Puerto Madero district where all the streets are named after women. The architect has described the design as a synthesis of the image of a couple dancing the Tango. Residents can’t seem to decide if they agree or not!

Then the Culinary part of the tour started. The tour visited 4 locations starting with an appetizer of beef empanada at “La Guittarrita”, a first course of two small sandwiches (beef and Beef Chorizo) at “La Cañita”, the main course starting with Fried Cheese (yum!), a giant platter of beef roasts, squash, French fries, rice, and more fried cheese at “Las Cholas”, and finally, two scoops of ice cream (chocolate mousse, Dulche de Leche w/Caramel sauce) at “Persicco”. There was also a paired wine for each course (not with dessert). Each of these locations were selected as they had some unique spin on typical Argentinian food.

We returned to the ship at 3:00. Next up, Dinner at 5:30, ugh!

Sadly, tonight we leave Buenos Aires and move onto our next stop, Punta del Este, Uruguay.