Day 38-39 of 68 Buenos Aires, Argentina – Part 4 Tango Show/Closed Door Restaurant

February 15, 2018 Paul Groves

After a long day of touring, I regretted the fact that we had signed up for another excursion in the evening to a Tango Show and a dinner. We had attended a cultural show in China as well as a Flamenco Show in Spain. I had rather low expectations for this evening’s entertainment, but I was blown away by the show. We drove to “Cafe de Los Angelitos” and were led back to a surprisingly large theater with rows of tables where we were each given a tiny appetizer, a bottled water and a glass of wine. The theater was nice, but not so large that you couldn’t see well.

I had expected a repetitive series of Tango dances, but I was very wrong. The five couples took us through many different time periods of Tango, from the turn of the century, to the 20’s, 30’s, even the 80’s and modern times. The dancers and dances were varied and very skilled. There were two talented singers and an amazing combo. The evening flew by and everyone I spoke to was very impressed.

The dinner was given in an apartment that used to belong to a couple who gave it over to a chef and manager to become an exclusive “closed door” restaurant. The dinner was served on the fourth floor of a old building. This meant many, many stairs to get to the dinner. A couple of the people in our group had to take the elevator which looked like a small version of something from Thoroughly Modern Millie.

The dinner was served in four stages with excellent wine and coffee. Stage 1 included cuttlefish. Stage 2 was white salmon. Stage 3 was an amazing piece of beef and stage 4 was a chocolate mousse with coffee ice cream. The food was very interesting as was the conversation around the table so I forgot to take pictures of Stage 2 and Stage 4 as it was eaten before I was able to photograph the plate.

This was a fun night and we got back to the ship about 10:30 p.m.