Day 38-39 of 68 Buenos Aires, Argentina – Part 1 Evita

February 12, 2018 Paul Groves

We arrived in Buenos Aires about 7:00 am and left on our tour of the city about 9:00. We would have started earlier but our buses were stuck in traffic (sound familiar?)

We began our tour in the north of the city in the Recoleta district. We saw several parks and our first memorial to Eva “Evita” Peron, probably one of the most well known, as well as controversial, Argentinians. We then proceeded to the Recoleta cemetary to see Eva’s mausoleum.

When we arrived it began to rain, not a normal rain but buckets! Only 8 of us chose to go to the mausoleum. You really need a guide to find it. You zig and zag through the tombs until suddenly, in the side of a small aisle, you’re at the flower-covered door to the mausoleum. Evita is buried deep in the Duarte family mausoleum with other family members.

Evita often gave speeches for women’s suffrage and the working class of Argentina at the Presidential palace called “Casa Rosada” (Pink House) located in the city center overlooking Plaza de Mayo. She spoke from the balcony with the curtained windows on the left.

On a building where her speeches were often broadcast in Buenos Aires, a metal image of Evita is shown yelling into a microphone about workers rights. It is facing north towards what was then where the rich and elite lived. While we didn’t see it, on the opposite side, Evita is facing south towards the working class area and is smiling.