Graceland in Memphis

October 17, 2017 Paul Groves

The home of Elvis Presley. They told us he purchased this nice home for his parents when he was only 22 for $102,500. It was huge for the day, but viewing it, it seemed very livable. The decor is certainly interesting looking at it from a 2017 perspective. My favorite part was the backyard where pastures, horses, and lovely white fences stretch out a ways.

On the side of the house is a meditation garden that Elvis had put in near the kidney-shaped pool. The family had Elvis’ grave moved here as well as his parents and one grandparent. Elvis also had a twin who was stillborn. A grave marker commemorates him, but his actual remains are buried elsewhere. I believe that this is a special place for Elvis fans to visit, especially on the anniversary of his death.
I have always heard of Elvis’ favorite snack, peanut butter and banana grilled sandwich, so after visiting the mansion, we stopped in the diner and ordered one. Mine was cooked in butter while Ron’s was cooked in bacon grease. The verdict? Pretty tasty, but I did have a bit of a stomach ache afterwards.