APSI in West Vancouver, BC, Canada

July 11, 2017 Paul Groves

I flew into the Vancouver airport and was impressed with the beautiful design and native art. We had to go through customs, but much of the work is done at a kiosk now, so the process was painless. I took a long cab ride to my hotel. I’m in West Vancouver on the North Shore to work with a nice group of AP chemistry teachers at an APSI (Advanced Placement Summer Institute). From my hotel window I have a wonderful view of the water and across the water I can see the “five sails” building where cruise ships are loading up and unloading… probably for the Alaskan cruises. The hotel is close to some shops on the Quay. One shop sells VERY fresh fish. I also had an opportunity to eat Cheese Crunchies, a local snack. They are like cheese curls but with more crunch. Yum.

We are picked up at the hotel by a school bus. I had a great first day at the APSI and came back to the Lonsdale Quay Market where I saw these beautiful rainbow roses and had a delicious fish and chips dinner. After that it was back to the room to work on my UCLA Online course and make this post.