We Did It!!!

June 10, 2017 Paul Groves

Day 7 of the AP Chemistry Reading and we are finished! Figuring the number of tests with seven questions on each exam, as a group we scored 1,117,592 questions over the past seven days!!!

The exams are packed and probably on their way back to ETS in New Jersey already. Our fearless leader, Roger Kugel, has finished his four year stint as Chief Reader and will be able to relax a little more. He is holding a silver engraved beer stein as a token of our esteem. Roger is calm, a good listener, and a very hard worker. He made the job of Chief Reader look easy when we all know it is not.

As a Question Leader, I have been here in Salt Lake City for several days before the Reading began (12 days total), so it will be great to get back home with the feeling of a job well done on a task worth doing. Students will never know how hard we work to make sure that they are credited with every point they earned on the Advanced Placement chemistry exams.