Donut Falls, Utah

June 4, 2017 Paul Groves

After scoring AP chemistry papers all day, five of us hopped in a rental car and drove up into the mountain ski areas to the trailhead for Donut Falls. The spruce, birch, and aspen trees were beautiful, but the hike had some very steep climbs that I found pretty challenging. Of course, there were others on the trail like little kids and young moms carrying their babies that made me feel pretty old, but that is life. When we got high enough, there is a place where the rushing water disappears down a circular hole, thus the name Donut Falls. You can see the hole over my shoulder. The tall picture of the falls is from the front and the donut is at the very top of the picture. Armando, Peter, Beth, and Russ are the other four chemists on the hike. We saw a big moose as we were heading back to the main road. Cool!