Yosemite–Day 4 of 5

May 25, 2017 Paul Groves

Yosemite National Park–Day 4

We did different things today. Ron hiked an uphill trail to see Vernal Falls. He also walked through Happy Isles watching the rushing water (higher and faster than usual for this time) and visited the Fen, a marshy area with feathery fields of fern (alliteration) that gave a fluffy, fuzzy appearance to the landscape.

During the same time, Paul went with Yosemite Art Center’s guest teacher, Sonja Hamilton, for a watercolor class outdoors. When you paint out in nature, that is called “plein air” painting that brings with it its own set of problems such as where to sit, where to put your palette, packing in your clean water and packing out your dirty water, and lunch (that I forgot). Sonja was a very good teacher and the first two hours was us watching her paint while she discussed the choices she was making and techniques she was using. The second two hours was work time for painting our own views of the falls. I learned a lot (not enough, obviously, from my paintings below).

We stopped at the Falls View, below Lower Yosemite Falls. We could also see Upper Yosemite Falls, but part of painting is deciding what portion of nature you will focus on for the moment. I also tried to paint a little ladybug I saw on a bench while taking a rest from hiking.