Back Home… Back to “Normal”

May 17, 2017 Paul Groves

Back Home, Sylmar, CA

Getting back home is great. The Grand World Voyage was amazing, but getting back to your own humble surroundings is always pleasant. Our first task was to get back into running our charity Bingo. The bingo raises money for Guide Dogs of America. Guide Dogs trains the animals (every one of them is cute) and then brings in the people who will get the dogs for training together. It is sort of like a kennel and hotel and training facility all in one. There are twelve of these centers around the country and one of them is only a few block from where we live. Cool. The players have had bingo twice a month while we were gone. They are ready to get back to a full schedule. Tuesday is Bingo Night!

The next big event was Mother’s Day Champagne Brunch. Ron and I are in charge. This event provides a nicely decorated hall, music, champagne, and cinnamon raisin French toast, scrambled eggs, fruit cup, sausage, coffee, and orange juice… all for only $10. This is so much better than fighting the crowds at a restaurant in town. We sold 200 tickets this time… a record for us. Ron and our team of volunteers prepare and cook all of the food. We were exhausted when it was all over, but everyone seemed to have a great time. Our mobile home park puts on events throughout the year, but Mother’s Day and Father’s Day two of the biggest events.

Now that we are back on land and have internet on a daily basis, we are back to our hobby of Pokémon Go. This is a perfect hobby for two retired gentlemen. As part of the game, we need to walk to catch little creatures (Teddiursa is very cute) and hatch eggs. Changes have occurred in the game since we left to see the world (evolution items, etc.). This game is a good motivation to get out and continue the walking that we did on the ship and on the excursions. We came back home in May weighing a little less than we did when we left home in January. We are working to keep healthy and fit for future adventures.

I still have AP chemistry work to do. I leave at the end of May to grade the AP chemistry exams in Salt Lake City, Utah. I am teaching three AP Summer Institutes for new AP teachers this summer as well as instructing a virtual AP Summer Institute for UCLA Extension. There are a lot of details and preparation that needs to be done. I have been working hard and am almost completely prepared.

I have ordered paints and supplies so I can continue my watercolor projects. It was so much easier to simply go up to the 9th floor deck of the ship to paint, but I will make it work.