Walt Disney World – Part III

May 2, 2017 Paul Groves

Today was our day at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. It is a little funny to be in a park that commemorates Southern California when we are FROM Southern California. Several Star Wars attractions are here and it is a reminder that Star Wars Day (May the Fourth… be with you) is in a few days. We rode a ride that takes you through recreations of famous movies and the Indiana Jones Stunt Show which was really fun and impressive. We did a few of the smaller attractions as well and saw that there are plans for a whole new Toy Story Town in the back… no date posted when THAT will be ready. All in all, we were finished with this park about noon and went back to our rooms to cool off from the increasing heat.

We had a reservation at the Artist’s Point restaurant in the Wilderness Lodge. The Lodge itself is worth seeing. It is inspired by the various National Parks where the native crafts and materials are used to build the accommodations. The Lodge lobby is huge and reminiscent of the Old Faithful Lodge in Yellowstone only on a much grander scale. There are simulated hot springs (one inside the lobby), waterfalls, and even a geyser. The dinner was good and a little exotic. Ron had buffalo steak and I had halibut with sunflower roots.

After dinner, we went back to The Magic Kingdom to see the fireworks show. It is called “Wishes” and has been showing for many years. It is scheduled to change after May 11. Of course, regulars to The Magic Kingdom are nostalgic… sort of like when The Electrical Parade was stopped at Disneyland. Late in the evening, we were able to get on several attractions with no wait time. It was a nice finish to our visit.

We have been hearing from our World Cruise friends who have traveled home to find good or bad weather, see grandkids or see their pets. I am ready to see my mobile home and our friends at Oakridge. “There’s No Place Like Home.”