The Toledo Cathedral

April 15, 2017 Paul Groves

Ron took a tour of the cathedral that is visible from outside the city. In the Sacristy or robing room of the church you can see an El Greco painting, “El Expolio” or “The Disrobing of Christ”. The gold structure is called the “Monstrance” and is the vessel in which the Eucharist is carried during special processions. It is about 10 feet tall (with the base) and is made of 40 pounds of gold and 400 pounds of silver! This cathedral is known for a relic, a stone where the Virgin Mary stood while presenting a vestment to Saint Ildefonso for his special devotion to her. The stone is in a box with a little window below a relief that illustrates the presentation.

The high altar is behind a huge fence. The five-story wall behind the altar is covered with carvings of events in the life of Christ. One more impressive sight is the painting of Joseph with his son, Jesus. This painting is 35 feet tall.