Mykonos, Greece

April 8, 2017 Paul Groves

Day 93 of 111. Mykonos, Greece

The town of Mykonos is delightful. It is nearly Easter, so the houses and shops are being whitewashed and everything is bright. The colorful accents really stand out against the white, such as the blue dome on the church and the red doors on one of the restaurants. The streets lined with shops and eateries are very narrow and so only pedestrian traffic (and an occasional motor scooter) pass through them, especially in the afternoon.

Five windmills (formerly used to grind flour) are iconic for Mykonos as well as the large pelican who we ran into during our stroll through the town. The water has various shades of blue and looks very clean. We stopped at the Sunset Cafe and had some fried cheese, bread, and drinks and then went to Leonides Snack Bar for a great gyro. The gyro was really a little larger, but I took two bites out it before I remembered to take a picture!