Sea Days in the Arabian Sea

March 27, 2017 Paul Groves

Day 76 of 111. Sea Day in the Arabian Sea

The sea days are really a welcome change from visiting cities. The overland trip to the Taj Mahal was wonderful and amazing but also exhausting. We also enjoyed the trip to see the Elephanta Caves, but this meant traveling and visiting for several days at a time. The chance to attend watercolor class and another hands-on cooking class (as well as lots of naps) was needed. The cooking class was with guest chef, Paulette Mitchell. She is an expert in Indian cuisine and we started with a mango lassi (a yogurt and fruit smoothie that really helps tone down spicy dishes. There was interesting and tasty watermelon curry, a vegetable dish, spice rubbed fish, and a dessert made with yogurt, sugar, condensed milk, saffron and topped with chopped pistachios. Each dish was really tasty. My art project was a simple sketch of two camels. The technique was a background of paint made interesting with the use of a shower cap.