Food in Korea

February 18, 2017 Paul Groves

Day 45 of 111. Incheon, South Korea

One of the dangers is that there are thousands and thousands of land mines planted along the DMZ, a 4 km swath of land stretching the border of North and South Korea. The tiny trianglular signs warn of this danger. However, there were some foods to watch out for as well. At a small park with rides and food stands that marks the northernmost point that South Koreans can travel, I saw dried squid for sale as well as a large dish of silk worm cocoons for sale. Yum.

We had lunch at a nice Korean fusion restaurant with a hot pan of beef and vegetables and plates to share of various mysterious, but delicious foods. The only actual food we recognized was kimchi.

Our last stop was at Simpo Market which was the kind of open air market we hoped to see in Korea. There were many amazing things for sale from flowers to live turtles (for soup). The steaming pile of eels was pretty impressive.