Last Evening in Osaka, Japan

February 14, 2017 Paul Groves

Day 40 of 111. Osaka, Japan

At dinner, we decided to leave the ship one more time and ride the giant Ferris wheel. Our table mate, Bernice, really wanted to go, so we ended up going along with the idea. It turned out to be a smooth and pleasurable ride and we got a good view of the ship from above.

We walked around the marketplace one more time before returning to the ship. Besides restaurants and souvenir shops, there was a petting zoo sort of place. They had dogs and cats and rabbits, hamsters and a large pig. I was told there were also small kangaroos and a llama! Ron thinks that maybe people who cannot have pets in their homes might be able to come and visit/pet animals at this station. It was certainly fun to watch through the little viewing windows. The animals seem very happy and healthy. I’m not sure whether it was just trying to be cute or if it was a real shrine, but there was a very cute shrine with cats in it near the restaurants.