Backstage Tour with the Entertainers

February 12, 2017 Paul Groves

Day 38 of 111. Sea Day in the Northern Pacific.

A fun event today was a backstage tour and a chance to meet the ten performers who travel the entire cruise with us. Four are singers (on the left) and six are dancers (on the right). They come from the US, Russia, Ukraine, and England. They all are very friendly and work everyday rehearsing. There are individuals who join the cruise for a few days, but these young people have rehearsed ten different shows as well as some extra individual performances. We also went behind the stage to see the dressing/make up areas and costume storage. On the stage you can see the place where the band plays. The drummer is behind plexiglass. The band on this cruise is amazingly good. They back up all of the visiting entertainers and get one rehearsal before performing. They never seem to make any mistakes.