New Zealand Day

February 7, 2017 Paul Groves

Day 33 of 111. Pacific Ocean nearing Guam

Today is New Zealand 🇳🇿 Day (Waitangi Treaty signing). There was a cook-off between two of the New Zealanders on board. The third “Kiwi” was one of the judges. The two dishes were Mussel Fritters and Lamb burgers with beets, a fried egg and sweet potato fries (the winner). Each cook was allowed to bring a second team member. Again, a fun and friendly competition.

I’m having fun with my watercolor and sketching classes. I thought this latest picture of a lighthouse came out well. We also had a fun day making little post cards of seahorses. To practice my drawing, I take photos of pictures on the ship (Groucho Marx, for example) and try to get the proportions correct on their faces. The bottom sketch was of a gymnast performer who posed for us (Lance Ringnald). We had 10 minutes to do the sketch. I feel that I’m making progress.