Visiting Majuro, Marshall Islands

February 4, 2017 Paul Groves

Day 29 of 111. Majuro, Marshall Islands

We had a fun time walking around Majuro. The flag was designed by the First Lady of the Republic. One of the stripes represents the equator. The Marshall Islands are a little south of the equator. One of the products of the region are coconut husks from which they squeeze coconut oil. I found a bottle of Majuro Islands Coconut Oil in one of the variety stores. There were also rows and rows of flip-flops. It was really not surprising to see this considering the climate, but it took us by surprise.

There were pretty flowers and the people were very friendly and helpful. Woven objects and hangings were plentiful and tempting, but I only purchased a tiny example that I think was made as a Christmas ornament. The wall hanging in the restaurant where we had “second breakfast” is a traditional chart used by the elders to teach the next generation about navigation. The various lines represented currents, stars, and all of the clues that people needed to use to navigate the oceans before GPS. We learned a little about that sort of navigation from one of the interesting guest lecturers on board the ship.

While we enjoyed our time in town, the heat and humidity really drained me. I got back to the air conditioned ship and had to drink lots of water, take a cool shower, and lie down for awhile before I felt back to normal.