Majuro, Marshall Islands

February 1, 2017 Paul Groves

Day 29 of 111. The Marshall Islands

We got up early to go to the bow of the ship and watch as the ship entered the atoll. This is a circular ring of islands that formed from a coral reef that grew up around a volcano. The volcano is gone, but the atoll is left. There is one entrance in the northern part of the atoll and it is very narrow. We docked in the inside lagoon of the atoll. My big surprise was the amount of wind!! It was very windy and everyone’s shirts were lifting up as we stood around (reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe). We took a small shuttle bus into the town and then walked around. Our first stop was the Post Office. We wrote a couple of postcards, but they said it will take 45 days to get back to the USA. Pandanus is a local fruit and so we each had some pandanus waffles while we updated our apps.

The town is nice and the people are friendly.