The International Date Line

January 31, 2017 Paul Groves

Day 26 of 111. The Northern Pacific Ocean

There was a fun cooking demonstration today called The Sommelier in the Kitchen. Chef Joseph and the Chief of the Cellar teamed up to make two dishes and discussed why you would make certain wine choices with the dishes. This picture is Sambuco Shrimp. It was a lively presentation, partially because everyone was sipping wine.

Tomorrow night, Ron and I are invited to the Captain’s Dinner in the fancy Pinnacle Grill. The original invitation was for January 30, but because we cross the international date line tonight, we jump from 1/29 to 1/31! Interesting! The hibiscus flower is my watercolor project and the dish is the smoked tuna dish made at the Sommelier in the Kitchen demonstration. We are in the North Pacific on our way to Majuro, Marshall Islands.