The Black and Silver Ball

January 31, 2017 Paul Groves

Day 26 of 111. The Northern Pacific

Tonight was another Gala Night, but was followed by the Black and Silver Ball. There were special decorations in the dining room and the theater was rearranged to provide a dance floor for the ball. The bottom photo shows the Captain dancing the first dance with his wife. We stopped in to take pictures and then changed clothes and went to bed. This cruise is sort of step back in time to the days of big cruises and fancy dresses. It is all very nice.

More about the Black and Silver Ball… two pictures show more of the decorations in the dining room and the people dancing in the ballroom/theater. To make more room, the couples could dance on the stage as well. We were given a list of special events so we could have packed special outfits, but we were fine in our suits.