Hilo, Hawaii–Morning

January 26, 2017 Paul Groves

Day 22 of 111. Hilo, Hawaii

The Hawaiian Ambassadors did a chant and dance ceremony when we arrived into port at Hilo. Unfortunately for them, this came at 6:30 a.m. It was still fairly dark and cool out on deck. It rained briefly, but the young people were undaunted and they did a great job. Afterwards, everyone had coffee to warm up/wake up. The next item of business was a trip to Walmart. We had several things on our list including some new Hawaiian shirts, earphones, art supplies, and new jeans for Ron (contrary to tradition, he is actually LOSING weight on this cruise… Go Ron!)

Hilo seems to have rainstorms and bright sunshine in quick succession, so we saw several rainbows today. The one that seemed to end on our ship was fun. On the short drive to Walmart, we saw Moana Loa in the distance. It is so high that there is snow which has lasted for two months this year which is unusually long. The Walmart had row after row of Hawaiian fabric (not too surprising), so I took a picture.