San Diego–Cool Stuff at the Embarcadero

January 20, 2017 Paul Groves

Day 16 of 111. San Diego, California

Next to the Midway museum is a huge statue that captures an iconic photo that was on the front of Life magazine after the war. Our trolley guide told us that the statue was called “Unconditional Surrender”. The real name was posted under the statue… “Embracing Peace.”

The pier next to the ship had the aircraft carrier Midway. No time for a visit today. There was also a cool set of bronze statues commemorating Bob Hope’s entertainment of the troops. As you visited the memorial, some of Hope’s jokes were played over a speaker.

The day started out cold, wet and rainy, but the sun came out and we had beautiful weather. This was a great stop and it was nice to have internet again. We have five sea days between San Diego and Hilo, Hawaii, but because of a storm in the Pacific Ocean, the captain has warned us that we will experience swells from 6 to 12 feet. We have been warned to place breakable objects on the floor. I think I might have to get out the seasick patches for this part of the journey. We’ll see. 🙂