Mayan Ruins at Tikal

January 14, 2017 Paul Groves

Day 10 of 111. Tikal, Peten, Guatemala.

We left the ship, got on a small airplane and flew to the northern portion of the country to visit the Mayan city. We climbed lots of wooden stairs to get to the top of two of the temples. The weather was great, but it was still a tough climb.

There is the classic view of the temple at Tikal, but we got to see several other ruins. Some are temples and some are astronomical buildings. The entire city was very impressive.

Most of the temples are still underneath mounds of grass and trees. We first visited Temple IV which required climbing many steps left over from studies by U Penn. The trek was worth it to get this view that was used in Star Wars.

I had to climb 126 steps to get to the top of the temple, but it made a great picture.