First Port–Santa Marta, Columbia

January 7, 2017 Paul Groves

Day 4 of 111. Santa Marta, Columbia
Tayrona National Park is a nearly pristine park where we walked, looked for wildlife and had a nice lunch. The bus trip to and from the park was a great opportunity to see the different styles of vegetation as the altitude changed as well as the varied types of housing from very poor to very nice. I must admit that one of the great features of this trip is the fact that the bus has WiFi! The fellow in white was our tour guide. We docked far from the town of Santa Marta in a dock usually reserved for coal ships. There were buses to take passengers to the town and our tour bus came and picked us up at the dock. When we left the dock, we passed many very shabby dwellings.

Ron and I were especially struck by a sign in the park that seemed kind of philosophical. It basically stated that If you go off the established path, you are making a decision; you are on a learning path. How true!