--Resources by Chemmybear & His Students--
My Chemistry Handouts
Follow this link and then look in the Lockers on the left edge of my class web page to find all of my most updated classroom handouts organized by chapter.
AP Chemistry Tutorials
I've used this app to make over 100 short tutorials about everything from Gas Laws to Electrochemistry.

Animated GIF files of the common molecular shapes by Robyn Rindge.
An Element of Interest
Click here and be sent to some interesting information of a random element or visit the index page to choose your element.
Double Bond Formation
Student's movie (ethene.avi) of C2H4 forming. This is a large file (about 952 KB).
Liquid Oxygen
A Lecture Experiment

Using liquid nitrogen, we liquify some oxygen and observe its unique properties.
AP Chemistry
Study Cards

Here are Adobe Acrobat¨ versions of Groves' Chemistry and AP Chemistry study cards used at SPHS.
Classifying Reactions
Predicting Reactions

Here are some ideas about how to classify and organize the reactions you see in the Predicting Reactions portion of the AP Chemistry Test.
Blueprinting on Fabric
Here is an oxidation-reduction laboratory activity put together by one of the students based on a book on Blueprinting on Fabric.
Dr. Grovenstein and Igor's
Halloween Lecture Notes

If you are a current SPHS chemistry student, do NOT look here until after Halloween.
Stuff I Should Know For The AP Test
But Don't Know Yet

[Page 1 | Page 2]
Compilation of useful stuff to know. Originally compiled by Ben Ku.
(Adobe Acrobat File)
Standing Wave Graphic
This page contains a standing wave graphic from an old Apple IIe program that was once available from Project Seraphim. The graphic shows how two traveling waves on the same string result in a standing wave.
Chemistry Wallpapers
Here are 18 wallpapers based on the chapters of our textbook. The graphics are clever and well drawn.
Copper + Nitric Acid--
A Lecture Experiment

The gas produced both dissolves in water and cools producing a surprising ending to this demonstration.
Some Mole Clip Art
Student drawn moles to add to your handouts.

--Other Resources (some interesting links)--
ACS Exams Institute
This is the center of the American Chemical Society's Exams Institute, a source of the ACS High School Exam, HS Advanced Exam, and Laboratory Assessments. You can learn about the exams available and who runs the store.
The ChemTeam
Check out the gallery of chemistry photos, the classic papers, the tutorials, and comprehensive collection of old NChO exams with answers for practice.
Steve Marsden's Chemistry Page
Steve displays the labs he uses, elements of the periodic table, and other useful things on his page.
Bozeman Science--AP Chemistry
Teacher Paul Andersen in Montana has made an impressive set of short videos organized into the Six Big Ideas following the 2014 AP Chemistry Revision. He uses a lot of concept maps and pHet simulations which give you ideas of how to add to your own teaching.
Chemistry: A Science in Context
This textbook has wonderful online tutorials that help explain and illustrate important chemical concepts.
Handouts by Chapter
Resources for my AP Chemistry students. Almost all of the handouts, practice exams, many answers, and a few tutorials reside here organized by chapter. General Chem is the link below.
AP Chemistry Website.
This is the official College Board site with information about the Chemistry AP exam and other offerings by College Board.
Flinn Scientific
Here is a link to Flinn Scientific's online site. They offer several online teacher resources besides their usual collection of useful materials.
Chemistry at SPHS
This is a place to find practice exam answers and other materials for General Chemistry at SPHS.
Science Is Fun
In the Lab of Shakhashiri

Dr. Bassam Shakhashiri is one of my heroes in chemical education. This is his site where he shows some of the things that make Science Fun.
Educational Innovations, Inc.
This group sells lots of fun and useful products. I especially like their thermochromic periodic tables and UV sensitive paints, posters, and T-shirts. They stock pop bottle preforms, poly-ox gel, hand-boilers, etc.
Absolutely check these guys out!

This is an easy-to-use website for creating graphs. The graphs are great for Gas Law and Kinetics assignments. Be sure to choose the XY Graph. The Line Graph equally spaces your data.
Organic Chemistry Glossary
A student sent in this link for a glossary of organic chemistry terms. You might find it useful. I don't know anything about the company whose site hosts this glossary.
Jeremy Schneider is a chemistry teacher turned author. He has uploaded many of his lessons, labs, notes, and Powerpoint presentations on his website for students and teachers to use. He has a link to Chemistry-11 and to Chemistry -12.

Mr. Groves is available by e-mail at pgroves@fc.spusd.net.
Paul Groves, chemistry teacher at South Pasadena High School
Updated 1/7/2015

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