Blueprints on Fabric
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Student: Paula Chen (alumnus)
1. Layout the design so you know exactly what to expect.
2. Mix the solution for making the blueprint (for 6 yards of fabric, use 1/2 gallon of water, 4 oz. of potassium ferricyanide, 8 oz. of ferric ammonium citrate. Use glass or plastic tools for mixing.
3. Apply the solution to the fabric on the desired area. Apply thoroughly and evenly. Do not worry if you apply some to areas outside of the desired area, just cover it before exposure to the sun.
4. Lay out your design and pin the design.
5. Take your work out in the Sun. The ideal time is from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm on a sunny day.
6. When your blue print turns a little darker than the shade you want your blueprint to be, take it out of the Sun and remove all the designs. Rinse the fabric several times until the water runs clear.

7. Let your blueprint dry and enjoy your creation.
Safety--Wear your goggles, rubber gloves, and particle dust mask. When rinsing, wear rubber gloves.

Kathy Kitzmann (Mercy High School, Farmington Hills, MI) has used this activity with her students.
She has written a different Recipe Page [Word | Acrobat] and a Handout [Word | Acrobat].

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