UC Riverside 2009
AP Institute
August 3 - August 6, 2009

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The Participants
Thad Aweeka McFarland HS thadvma@gmail.com
Michael Bahari Palm Desert HS michael.bahari@dsusd.us
Raymond Delgado Rialto HS Rdel360@yahoo.com
Jeff Friesen Moorpark HS jjfriesen@yahoo.com
Jennifer Hooper Moreno Valley HS HOOP88@aol.com
Garrett Lim Walnut HS garrettlim620@gmail.com
David Livingston Upland HS david.livingston@ucr.edu
Robyn Marshall Servite HS miss_swanny@hotmail.com
Lillian McCandless J.W. North HS Lillianakish@gmail.com
Patricia Noonan Village Academy HS tinkergnome@verizon.net
Melinda Reynolds John Muir HS msreynolds08@gmail.com
Tamara Savage Perris HS tamara.savage@puhsd.org
Charles Seo Camino Nuevo HS charlieseo@gmail.com
Stephanie Tartakoff Los Amigos HS stephtartakoff@gmail.com
Dawn Toth Redlands East Valley HS dawn_toth@redlands.k12.ca.us
Paul Groves South Pasadena High School pgroves@aol.com

Resources from Groves or Mentioned During the Institute

Blocked Flinn e-Learning Videos: I heard back from Flinn and they say If their districts will unblock cp60945.edgefcs.net/ from their firewalls it will alleviate the problem.

Test Repair Sheet: Some of you were interested in the sheet I use for Test Repairs. Here it is as a Microsoft Word file.

Stipes Publishing: Three books by Bassam Shakhashiri (besides his great demo books) are highly recommended. One is a Workbook for General Chemistry, one is on Chemical Equilibrium, and one is on Chemical Kinetics.
Starting With Safety Video: This is a safety video produced by the American Chemical Society, but I found it on a website where you can view the video through your computer.

Atom Bond--The Atom With the Golden Electron:: This video is from Classroom Video. Here is a link to their website in Australia. When you first visit the site, you need to say you are from Australia. For some reason, the Atom Bond video is only available to customers in Australia and New Zealand. You can preview a few minutes of it from the web site, however.

Atom Bond DVD: Garret found this link on Discovery Education. It's $99. I don't see any restrictions about where you live, etc.

Answers: Hydrolysis Labette [Word]
This worksheet is not as obvious as the others and deserves an answer sheet. I am understanding more and more about conjugate acids and bases and I may go back and revise this labette. I wanted two examples of conjugate bases of weak acids and two examples of conjugate acids of weak bases. The conjugate bases were fine (acetate ion and sulfite ion). I am learning that the only common conjugate acid of a weak base is ammonium ion. Read the explanation to see what I mean. Just to let you know... even after 25 years of teaching AP chemistry, I am still learning and refining my understanding of this stuff!

Lab Handout: Analysis of a Aluminum-Zinc Alloy (.pdf)
Here is the handout of the lab we performed on campus on Wednesday. Dr. Simpson told us he buys the gel capsules at Clark's Nutrition. They buy the alloy from McAllister College in Minnesota for $400 for a 50 gram sample.

Video/DVD: Chemistry Classics
I showed this in the class. I have the old VHS, but it is also available on DVD for the same $20 price. There is a Chemistry Classics II as well that I think I may have to purchase. Lee Marek is famous (infamous) for his traveling Weird Science demonstration shows and many visits to the David Letterman show. Chemistry Classics I contains my favorite 50's shows... Properties of Gases and Properties of Liquids. The late Chris Schraeder throwing chunks of sodium into a strip mine pond is also included. Click on the link for the Order Form in Microsoft Word format.

ChemEd -- A Great Summer Meeting
On even-numbered years, there is a big summer chemistry meeting called the BCCE (Biennial Conference in Chemical Education). In 2010 it will be at Denton, TX. On odd-numbered years, you can go to ChemEd. In 2009 it was at Radford University in Virginia. Here is a link. I haven't heard where it will be in 2011.

National Chemistry Olympiad
This is part of the American Chemical Society's web site. The multiple choice tests are useful as practice exams for both the NChO Competition in March as well as for AP practice. These exams are kind of heavy in organic. The National Exam each year also includes two open-ended laboratory questions. The older exams can be found on the Chem Team web site (link from chemmybear). I have sorted some of these by topic and use them as additional practice topic by topic. Look for these on my "Handouts by Chapter" list on my AP chemistry class's page.

Gels (theatrical cellophane) used in the ROYGBV Photoelectric Effect Demo
Roscolux Rx25 (Lt. Red) -- (this leaks a little)
Roscolux Rx22 (Deep Amber)
Roscolux Rx10 (Med. Yellow)
[Note: I put some of the Med. Yellow behind the Red and Orange windows, too.]
Roscolux Rx 389 (Chroma Green)
Roscolux Rx 68 (Sky Blue)
Roscolux Rx48 (Rose Purple)
I bought my gels at: Premier Lighting.

Here are a couple of my Written Lecture and Lab Notes in their original condition... so you can see the pictures better.
  1. Atomic Structure and Bonding Lecture [Word | Acrobat]
  2. Predicting Reactions Lecture [Word | Acrobat] and Labs [Word | Acrobat]
  3. Equilibrium Lecture [Word | Acrobat] and Labs [Word | Acrobat]
  4. Redox Lecture [Word | Acrobat] and Labs [Word | Acrobat]

Hot Potatoes
This is a downloadable free (to educators) program that allows you to make your own online quizzes. Many formats of quizzes are supported.
One of MY examples of a Hot Potatoes Test: Midterm Practice Test

Great Resources from the Participants!

Stephanie Tartakoff's Website: Stephanie has told us that she has lots of good stuff tucked away on her website. Here is a link to her site.

Crabapple Equilibrium: Here is a simulation about Le Chatelier's Principle. Stephanie says it's good.

Real Life Can Crush Demo: This link goes to a page where a tanker car was cleaned with steam and then sealed and left overnight. Amazing.

Red-Blue Dot Equilibrium: This simulation (Java applet) allows you to set the initial values of equilibrium and watch the system come to equililbrium. You can control the temperature as well.

Lewis-Dot Structure Tutorial: This is a nice animated tutorial about the meaning of Lewis Dot Structures and how to draw simple molecules. It stops and asks questions from time to time. I like it.

John Gelder's Gas Law Simulation: I tried to show this in class. Notice that below the animated molecules is a set of questions that will allow you to use this simulation more effectively with your students using Guided Inquiry. This kind of lesson will be important in the re-worked AP chemistry curriculum.

World of Chemistry: This is a few minutes of a YouTube video that shows various "elements" interacting at a gathering. This leads to a link for the European Commision -- Research and their website called mariecurieactions that supports research projects by universities and industry.

Counting By Weighing [Word] [Acrobat]: Here is a handout by Stephanie. This is not her "Pennium Lab", but similar. I've attached it here in both Microsoft Word format and Adobe Acrobat format.

Atom's Hotel: This is a handout (Microsoft Word format) from Jennifer that tells a story similar to the Aufbau Hotel. It has a lot of cute puns in it. Not surprisingly, I will keep using my version of this analogy, but I enjoyed re-typing it.

The Science Spot: Raymond sent me this link to a puzzles, puns for chemistry, and other goodies.

Charlie's Pictures (click on thumbnail for larger view)

Resources From Former Years:
Website: Activity of Metals Simulation
John Gelder at Oklahoma State University has many useful simulations and animations that he uses in this chemistry classes as well as his distance learning classes. It is worth looking around his site for little gems such as this one. They may be part of his chemistry courses. Explore.

Website: Tom Greenbowe at Iowa State--Lab Simulations
I have worked on some committees with Tom Greenbowe and he has been developing some great-looking laboratory simulations. This looks like the main page for finding all of them, but I haven't fully explored the site. They generally have nice graphics and are interactive.