[Note: Some of these pictures were posed.
These are not really chemistry teachers in lab without goggles!]

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Angelica, Scott, Claire


Rishita, Claire


Darryl, John

Debbie, Brian, Jennifer, Chuck, Scott

Carmen, Kim

Jennifer, Jennifer



Ruth, Jennifer


Debbie, Jennifer

Debbie, Jen--



Claire, Rishita


Scott, Rishita




Angelica, Kim, Claire, John


Ruth, Jacque, Debbie

The Participants
Angelica Apodaca Paloma Valley High School aapodaca@puhsd.org
Darryl Benson Loma Linda Academy darrylbenson@mac.com
Jennifer Disney La Cierra High School firedup4jesus777@aol.com
Erica Eastman Whittier Christian High School eeastman@wchs.com
John Hitchcock Arrowhead Christian Academy johnhitch41@aol.com
Claire Hong Saugus High School chong@hartdistrict.org
Jennifer Linden Paloma Valley High School jlinden@puhsd.org
Kim Magdaleno La Serna High School kmagdaleno@aol.com
Scott Montgomery Paloma Valley High School smontgomery@puhsd.org
Chuck Murphy Paloma Valley High School cmurphy@puhsd.org
Carmen Olito West Anchorage High School carmeno@gci.net
Brian Rippet Whittell High School brianrippet@hotmail.com
Jacque Saldamando Rosary High School jsaldamando@rosaryhs.org
Debbie Schurr Ontario High School deborah_schurr@hotmail.com
Rishita Shah North Hollywood High School coldsparkle@hotmail.com
Debbie Stenger Mt. Carmel High School dstenger@powayusd.com
Ruth Vilchez Bonita High School rvip123@yahoo.com
Paul Groves South Pasadena High School pgroves@aol.com

Who Wants to be a Molionaire
This is a PowerPoint file that you can download at www.thecatalyst.com. Do a search for mole.

AP Questions and Worked out Answers from Harvey Gendreau
Here is the email from Harvey: "Still on the road and will not be back in Framingham until Aug 8th. Have everyone contact me at hgendreau@rcn.com and tell me their name, home or school email address, school name. I'll try to send them about the second week in Aug."

These will be a Microsoft Word file for each topic (Kinetics, Stoichiometry, Equations... etc. and an Extra .zip file that includes one of his favorite kinetics labs and the released multiple choice exams typed out in Microsoft Word. He also inlcudes great information about the number and difficulty of questions on the multiple choice exams. Amazing resource.

Univerity of Texas Homework Site
This is a site on which you can have students register for your class. The computer will generate and assign homework problems for your students. Each student gets different questions, so no copying of answers is possible. It is free (too good to be true?) I heard about this at the Iowa meeting (BCCE) and received details when I got home. Here is the URL for the U Texas Homework Site: http://hw.utexas.edu/instInst.html. My friend says "After you register the service will send you your password so that you can use the site. If you don't hear from someone in a timely fashion, e-mail them. I like this site. There are lots of questions and a variety of questions."

ChemEd'95 -- A Great Summer Meeting
I mentioned that on even-numbered years, there is a big summer chemistry meeting called the BCCE (Biennial Conference in Chemical Education). This past year it was at Iowa State University. On odd-numbered years, you can go to ChemEd. This year it is in Vancouver.

Oriental Trading Co. and Kipp Brothers
These vendors have inexpensive craft materials and toys. Both have web sites (www.orientaltraders.com and www.kippbro.com). Kipp Brothers sells "Laser Amazers" diffraction glasses for $15 for 50. Link to Oriental Trading Company. Link to Kipp Brothers.

This site was mentioned as one with a lot of good materials. Check it out to see if anything applies to your class.

National Chemistry Olympiad
This is part of the American Chemical Society's web site. The multiple choice tests are useful as practice exams for both the NChO Competition in March as well as for AP practice. These exams are kind of heavy in organic. The National Exam each year also includes two open-ended laboratory questions. The older exams can be found on the Chem Team web site (link from chemmybear). I have sorted some of these by topic and use them as additional practice topic by topic. Look for these on my "Handouts by Chapter" list on my AP chemistry class's page.

Write up of Carmen's Version of the Electrochemistry Lab
I received a copy of this lab this Spring, I am glad I had an opportunity to see it in action. Click here for a copy [Word | Acrobat].

John's Chem Mystery Handout
We will pester John Hitchcock until he writes down his ideas for one of his end-of-the-year chemical mystery packets. He noted a handout that gave clues to an important address and phone number as the rate of burning of a candle (with a burning candle sitting on a balance) or the molar mass of some element, etc.

Handboiler Pictures
Here are pictures of Carmen & Rishita's Handboiler Distillation.



Chemistry At Work on DVD
The video showing the alkali metals in water (Li, Na, K, Rb, and Cs) is supposed to be available from the American Chemical Society. I will try to find the purchase information. The only link I can find is for this CD ROM. Unfortunately, it does not state that the Periodicity of Alkali Metals movie is included.

Paul's List of 25 New Ideas
Here is my list [Word | Acrobat].

ChemMatters Magazine
This student magazine is an inexpensive resource produced four times a school year by the American Chemical Society. Issues are available online at www.acs.org as .pdf files. I am going to go back and see if I can find the issue about titrating the acids in peppers. A teacher's guide is available for the downloadable magazines. I am impressed with the informtion presented in these magazines. I am going to order myself a subscription and one for my other chemistry teacher as an early Christmas present.