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Shannon, Laurie

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Norita, Sheila

Paul Groves
South Pasadena High School
Sergio Arroyo
Corcoran High School
Larry Boyle
La Mirada High School
Shannon Bunch
University High School
Stephen Cossel
Skyline High School
Sandra Costello
Mark Keppel High School
Sheila Glenore
Centennial High School
Harold Goldston
The Webb Schools
Eric Gregory
Montebello High School
Norita Jaeger
Tustin High School
Blessing Mupanduki
Christian School of the Desert
(Desert Christian High School)
or bmupanduki@csod.org
Rosa Nagaishi
Foshay Learning Center High School
Brenda Olsen
Gordon Owens
Santiago High School
Laurie Pertile
Beaumont High School
or lpertile@bearumonusd.k12.ca.us
Sean Phi
Loara High School
Michael Rea
Linfield Christian School
Vickie Reid
Borah High School
Jenaya Rockman
Maranatha High School
Michael Rodriguez
La Mirada High School
Albi Romero
Winward School
Aaron Sams
Los Altos High School

I have tried to list some of the resources we have spoken of during the Institute. If you think of other things I should add, please email me. I can usually find ordering information. --Paul

Paul's Handouts by Chapter

Hot Potatoes
Some of MY examples of Hot Potatoes Tests:
Naming Compounds (fill in the blank)
Chemical Bonding Practice Test
Midterm Practice Test

Vickie's Chemistry Web Page
Look 2/3 the way down her page to find a link to some of the great websites that Vickie mentioned during the institute.
Site with various periodic tables as Adobe Acrobat files. Blank, with the f-block, etc.

People Who Took Chemistry, That's Who!
This 15-minute videotape, intended for high school audiences, promotes the value and importance of chemistry in our daily lives. Male and female chemists from different ethnic backgrounds describe their work using chemistry in various disciplines. The video features the chemistry involved in recycling plastics, analyzing environmental pollution, and producing compact discs, polyester fibers, and other high-technology products. A 52-page user's guide accompanies the video.
Product HS40 for $24.95.
To order, call ACS at (800) ACS-5558.

Atom Bond Or The Atom With The Golden Electron A parody of a James Bond movie. Golden Metallic Bond is sent off to investigate why carbon, nitrogen and other atoms are training themselves into other types of bonds. He discovers their bond school and university, finding that they are all working towards 'Project D'. In the finale, Bond is shown around a giant DNA. All the standard cliches and puns are used to contrive a wave showing each type of bond. 'ATOM' Award winner 1999. Gold Award, Beijing Science Festival 2000.
28 minutes 1999
Classroom Video,Northaven Business Centre, Dean Road, Yate, Bristol, BS37 5NH
e-mail: sales@classroomvideo.co.uk
or try this US web site, buyindies.com
you can even PREVIEW the video (the whole thing) here

Chemistry At Work
I have an old laserdisk by Videodiscovery. It now comes as a CD-ROM. It costs $195, but has much, much more than that sequence of the alkali metals... however that is my favorite part. It has videos of lots of demonstrations, frame-by-frame reviews of the major topics, computer-graphics of orbitals, important graphics, etc. There is also a picture database. It is an encyclopedia of information. The website describes the CD, but I don't see the Periodicity of the Alkali Metals listed anywhere! I hope they didn't take it off!

Gels used in the ROYGBV Photoelectric Effect Demo
Roscolux Rx25 (Lt. Red) -- (this leaks a little)
Roscolux Rx22 (Deep Amber)
Roscolux Rx10 (Med. Yellow)
Roscolux Rx 389 (Chroma Green)
Roscolux Rx 68 (Sky Blue)
Roscolux Rx48 (Rose Purple)
I bought my gels at: Premier Lighting

D&S Marketing
Norita showed us the question books from D&S Marketing. The multiple choice questions are written in the same format (non-calculator) as the AP exam. The website has some sample pages to look at. There are free-response questions as well. You need to buy the books in lots of 10.

Demos from Univ of Wisconsin

Flickering Light Bulb
Gordon bought his bulbs at Light Bulbs, Etc. 658 North Tustin Ave., Orange, CA 92867 Tel: (714) 532-1410 for around $10.
I looked all around on the Internet and could find no other sources for those bulbs.

Diffraction Glasses that have pictures.

I found a website where you can buy collections of these glasses. It is called HolidaySpecs.com
Explanation of the phenomena can be found at the parent web site: HoloSpecs.com.

Poem That Makes Sense After Studying Predicting Reactions:
Johnny finding life a bore, drank some H2SO4.
Johnny's father, an M.D., gave him CaCO3.
Johnny's neutralized, it's true,
But now he's full of CO2.

Genie in the Bottle Demonstration
When I got back to SPHS, I picked up the 30% H2O2 and did the demonstration. Luckily, the school administrators were on campus so they were my audience and took the pictures. Here it is:

(Click on pictures for larger images.)

Paul's List of 25 Things He Learned/Wants to Incorporate Into His Classes:
I wish I had more chance to write down the great ideas that went flying by...

1       Egg Osmometer (fresh egg in vinegar to remove shell, place in Karo Syrup and watch egg shrink, place in deionized water and watch it swell... be careful of rotting egg).
2 Graph of Ionization Energies, Cut it up, overlap, and see trends.
3 Contact the Department of Energy (Where? Steve?) to get a free geiger counter
4 F.Y.I. Memo from UCLA about how they treat students who take the exam (with 1 or 2) vs. students who do not take the exam.
5 Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream
6 Use half/half instead of creamer... and definitely NOT powdered creamer... oops.
7 Explore using wax coating on ornaments instead of tape. Melt it off with hot water.
8 Info is available from the Educational Testing Service about how my AP chemistry students do topic by topic. Find out whether we are getting this information at school somewhere or whether it has to be ordered and paid for extra.
9 Tutoraid.com is a listserv in which student's questions are answered by Oxford and Stanford professors (and Steve!)
10 Remember to Contact ACS for doorprizes... they have Mole Day tattoos and those 22.4 L beach balls!
11 Find and order "Atom Bond" video.
12 Find and order "People Who Took Chemistry, That's Who"
13 Try filling a flask with NH3 gas by adding a few drops of concentrated ammonia and placing on a hot plate for 30-40 seconds. I still need a hood... maybe I can set up an inverted funnel with an aspirator to take away the fumes. These individiual flasks of ammonia gas can be used by students individually inverted into hot and cold water to show solubility, hydrogen bonding, etc.
14 Buy that Flinn Scientific triple point gas apparatus ($40). The classroom activity can augment the individual activity and you can actually measure the pressure and relate it to the triple point on the CO2 phase diagram.
15 Course Crystal Rock Salt can be cleaved with a razor blade and the handle of a screwdriver... the weight of the handle is the cleaving force. Start with a flat-sided crystal.
16 Try making cabbage juice in the blender with isopropyl alcohol rather than water. Maybe it will last without smelling so bad. However, it is fun to make the juice right in front of the students every period and the smell gets them to clean up quickly.
17 Do the conductivity titration with barium hydroxide and sulfuric acid (1 M each). A little universal indicator in the flask lets students see the endpoint in two different ways.
18 Huclkeberry Finn... Oh... I get it... H Cl Br   FIN   O
19 M _ _ k _ _ base. _ c m _ _ u _ _ p (u=mu... micro)
20 Use ungalvanized nails for Fe in electrochemistry lab.
21 Try using a hole drill for the ROYGBV demonstrators, or visit a print shop to see what they can do. Brass cork borer is too soft.
22 Vickie suggests a great web site to show Dalton's Law... check out her links to find the site.
23 D&S Marketing has books of questions that are written to be done WITHOUT a calculator.
24 Purchase transfer pipettes... using those in lab were much better than our typical graduated cylinder transfers.
25 Killer Hot Dogs Munch Dead Cat Meat.