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Kathy, Michael, Kathy, Michelle Vicki, Brenda Michael, Charlotte
Michelle, Amy Dean, Paul Steve, Nicholas
Josie Pat, Steve Rob, Julie
Kathy Gordon Amy, Brenda
Paul Peter Cathy
Pat Michael Steve
Dominic, Cathy Laila, Claudia

      Paul Groves (Loves Disneyland) South Pasadena HS
Michelle Aberle (Has Masters in French) Long Beach Polytechnic
Pat Allamandola (Scuba Dives) Andrew Hill HS
Dominic Bosonetta (Raising 2 Foster Kids) Wilson Classical HS
Amy Coe (Works at All Boys Military School) The Army and Navy Academy
Peter Cooper (Found Out Friday He Will Teach AP) Palisades HS
Cathy Doub (Sing in the Choir--beautifully) Workman HS
Dean Elder (An Identical Twin--Dave) Anaheim HS
Kathy Hallenbeck (New Grandmother) Livermore HS
Nicholas Hilton (Teaches at his Alma Mater) Perris HS
Rob Korin (Owns a West Highland Puppy) Harker School
Josefina Macion (Taught in Nigeria) Van Nuys HS
Paul Matsumoto (Ran a Half-Marathon) Galileo HS
Vicki Mizner (Former Restaurant Manager) Hanford West HS
Brenda Olsen (Disney Addict--Blue Bayou) Diamond Ranch
Gordon Owens (Practices Trumpet in Parking Lot) Santiago HS
Claudia Roberson (Likes Mountain Music--Bluegrass) Windward HS
Laila Shahrestani (Volunteer Teacher) City of Knowledge
Charlotte Shales-Clark (Dances Swing & Two-Step) Mira Costa HS
Julie Sullivan (Has 3 Daughters) Woodcrest Christian
Michael Thomas (He Wouldn't Tell Josie Anything) Needles HS
Steve Thorsted (Amateur Photographer) Rancho Verde HS
Steve Unterholzner (Guitarist in an Alternative Christian Band) Sierra HS

    Spectrometer from Project STAR
This is that sturdy little spectrometer that can be calilbrated. Useful for the absorption spectra of sunlight. Sold through the Astronomical Society of the Pacific. ($25)

Orbital Viewer
This is a free program that allows you to type in values of 'n' and orbital types to see the various orbitals. It will display 'g' orbitals!

Flashlight--Eddie Bauer
This flashlight is bright and lasts a very long time. One thought is that this flashlight contains three LED (Red, Blue, Green) that combine for a bright white light that lasts 200 hours. I'm not sure that is true, but it would be worth looking into. One idea would be to take your rainbow glasses with you to Target.

Paul's List of Demos and Labettes [Word | Acrobat]

Rose Didymium Glass
From Dominic Bosonetta--
I just received pieces of enhanced didymium glass, 70mm dia. plano/convex circles without the frames for $10.00 each.
The company is:
Phillips Safety
700 Cedar Ave.
Middelsex, NJ 08846
Tel: 732-356-1493 or 888-440-9797
Contact person: Ryan Phillips, Owner
email: (note: two "s")
Web Page is:
Compare: Regular didymium glasses with frames cost $36.00, enhanced is $79.00 from Sundance,
Note: this source is for lens only, no frames, but who needs frames...