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Cong Nguyen
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Jacob Adesina
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Michele Hampton
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Linda D. Blair
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Owen Jung
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Paul Groves Michael Rettig

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Shared Materials
Some review materials are saved as Adobe Acrobat® files. This area will grow as participants send me material to share... such as Sethi's Oxidation of Alcohol with KMnO4 demonstration, Bennie's Kinetics Lab, etc.
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Michael's Le Chatelier's Lab (Acrobat)

Mike Rettig wrote to me to warn us NOT to heat the lightstick in the microwave. Later in the same day as our visit, he was heating another lightstick to show a colleague the demonstration, it exploded, and while they were able to clean SOME of the glowing material from the microwave, some of it got behind the little screen and he ended up buying the department a new microwave.

Schedule of Topics

Monday AM
AP Test Organization / Testing without a calculator / Grading
Monday PM
Quantum Mechanics
Cliff Schraeder Video (Chemistry Classics)
types of EMR
properties of waves using phone cord--refraction, reflection, diffraction, interference
diffraction grating paper simulation
standing waves on phone cord, standing waves on drum head (laserdisk)
Bohr Model, H-spectrum & rainbow glasses
Quantized energy levels, Bloogle as example of Quantized because of standing waves
electron = wave & particle, photoelectric effect (laserdisk), standing waves of electrons
Particle-Wave Duality & flatman
standing waves = orbitals, Aufbau hotel (location vs. energy)
Atomic Orbitals video (Caltech CAP)
Energy Ruler Worksheetrepulsive units labette
trends in the periodic table
paramagnetism with salts and with Liq. O2
Tuesday AM
Computer Lab

Computer lab time (8:30 – 10:30) / Filamentality / Asst. Computer Resources (Links, Hot Potatoes, Web Assign, etc.)

North High School (11:00 – 12:15)
Properties of Gases Video (Chemistry Classics)
Soda w/hot Al demonstration(!)
handboiler distillation, tetrahedral bubble,
doorprizes of books, doorprizes, Boyle's Law lab
rainbow of ions, boiling water in syringe
expanding marshmallow in syringe, radioactivity of Fiestaware plate
Tuesday PM
Diffraction Grating on OHP w/phth&NaOH / highlighter pen
Homework Problems, Answering AP Questions
Periodic Trends video (Caltech CAP), VSEPR Video (Caltech CAP)
Lewis Dot Structures, IMF's
Properties of Liquids (Chemistry Classics)
Bonding, VSEPR w/balloons
Elephant Toothpaste Demonstration (Back-to-School Night
Demonstration), Chemistry Jokes, cracking wrist, tiny EPS cups
Wednesday AM
Periodic Table Live! (JCE) and Chemistry Animations (Synaps)
Bill Bond's Equilibrium Summary

Carolina Biological Presentation
Wednesday PM
Visit Dr. Rettig
Safer Flame Tests, glass blower glasses, diffraction grating on camera
flashlight | propane | strontium | lithium | sodium
Green Laser Pointer, measuring wavelength of liight from diffraction
X-ray crystallography simulation
Radioactivity Sensor by Vernier
Vernier Data Collection w/Lab Pro
Thursday AM

Predicting Reactions
Hand out College Board Packet
Equilibrium Problems
Le Chat w/CuSO4 + NaCl, ice & salt, hot water, rainbow column
cabbage juice w/household products, half-titration
serial dilution, pH Titration Curve Wksht

HNO3 + Cu, ppt labette
ion flashcards, classification of reactions
solubility rules, gases, redox
Complex Ions [Cu(NH3)42+], Flintstones
Thursday PM

lightsticks and KE diagrams, mechanisms--assembly line analogy
rate law activity, (radioactivity equations)
graph vs. order, kinetics of dry ice, rate of water flow
Genie in the Bottle (heterogeneous & homogeneous) (temp, conc, catalyst)
Halloween demonstrations

rubber balloons, lecture on problems
battery example, Mary Poppins example, DG = E° = Keq
Friday AM
crystals in tubes
electrolysis of water, + Na2SO4, + universal indicator
electrolysis of KI, clean graphite electrodes in CuCl2 (electrolytic vs. galvanic)
potato battery, potato reduction potential series
electrochemistry lab, ornament labette

vacuum packed student--gas laws

Labs I Do -- A Dreamlist

Labs Labettes Demonstrations
Introduction (Measurements, Techniques, etc.)
Finding the Thickness of Al Foil, Separating a Mixture, The Natural History of Airs, Liquid Chromatography (Vonderbrink) Observations of CuCl2 + Al, Chromatography of M&M Candy Coating Nitric Acid Acts on Copper
Finding the Ratio of Moles of Reactants in a Chemical Reaction (Vonderbrink) Finding Percent Composition of Creme in an Oreo Cookie Size of a Mole of Dry Ice, Moles of Things
The Periodic Table
An Activity Series (Vonderbrink) Periodic Table Simulation Sodium in Water
Thermochemistry and Hess's Law (Vonderbrink) Exothermic and Endothermic Solutions in Baggies Ammonium thiocyante + Ba(OH)2(?)
Analysis of a Commercial Bleach (Vonderbrink) Brass Penny Al + HCl (1 M, 3 M) and NaOH (1 M, 3 M)
Study of the Kinetics of a Reaction (Vonderbrink) Kinetics of Dry Ice Halloween Demos, Elephant Toothpaste, Genie in the Bottle, Lightsticks, Mg + HCl
Acid/Base Titration, Determination of the Dissociation Constants of Weak Acids (Vonderbrink) Household Products and Cabbage Juice Conductivity of Household Products
  Le Chatelier's Principle with CuCl2 (Michael's Lab) Le Chat with Chromate/Dichromate
Electrochemical Cells (Vonderbrink) Potato Reduction Potential Series, Electroloysis with phth & KI, with universal indicator Potato Battery, Electrolysis with Na2SO4 & Universal Indicator
Preparation of Esters (Vonderbrink) only wintergreen Oxidation of MeOH w/hot penny Sethi's Demo(?), Chirality of Karo Syrup, Polymerization of Nylon (Flinn)
Gas Laws
Boyle's Law with water bottle apparatus. Finding the Molar Volume of H2 gas   Crushing Soda Can, Bunny Meets the Vacuum Pump
Bonding/Molecular Architecture
  Milk/Food Coloring/Soap, Tetrahedral Bubbles Static Electricity and Water, Balloon Shapes, Water & Acetone on the Chalkboard