Summer AP Chemistry Workshop
UC Riverside, August 7-11, 2000

This page contains information for the workshop participants and gives us a place to add updated materials as they are collected. Check this area for updated information.


Shared Materials
Some review materials are saved as Adobe Acrobat® files. This area will grow as participants send me material to share... such as Michael's Le Chatelier's Lab and Jim's Activity Series Activity (with applications to Mn nodules).
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Great Link!
One of my students found a great site that lists all of the old AP Chemistry exams and hasn't yet been discovered and shut down by The College Board. Besides the exams, there are brief tutorials and practice quizzes on many of the topics in AP Chemistry.
Visit this site and bookmark it!

List of Ions (Acrobat)

Michael's Le Chatelier's Lab (Acrobat)

Lee Marek's video from the 1950's with "Properties of Gases" and "Properties of Liquids" IS still available through his school. Here is the order form in both Adobe Acrobat format as well as Microsoft Word. The videos are not expensive and should be a great addition to your library.

Internet Resources...

The Participants...

Name School Email Project in Word
Jackie Albay-Yenney Montclair High School Project
Mercedes Alou-Hicks La Quinta High School Project
Patty Bickel Bonita High School Project
Christina Buck Louisville High School Project
Martha Diaz Ramona Convent Secondary School Project
Paul Groves South Pasadena High School Project
Eric Jackson Crenshaw High Schol Project
Eddie Johnson Compton High School Project
Abbe Kya Dominquez High School Project
Michael Lee Yuba City High School Project
Mary Mallen Los Altos High School Project
Jim Nickel Highland High School Project
Seema Puri Huntington Park High School Project
Sandy Ryan Riverside Poly High School Project
Ken Solovy Taft High School Project
Olga Tanner Warren High School Project
Sarah Welch ML King High School Project

Gas Law Demonstrations:
Olga and Eddie experience the force of air pressure. Olga was surprised by the push of the air. We needed to get a bigger bag for Eddie.

Click on image for larger versions.

The Instructor:
Paul Groves is a chemistry teacher at South Pasadena High School, 1401 Fremont Avenue, South Pasadena, CA 91030. He has served as a reader for the AP Chemistry exam.