Marin on the Bay
July 15 - 18, 2019
Dominican University, San Rafael, CA


  • Michael Farabaugh -- Michael is a generous teacher with high quality tutorials and handouts.  His handouts are listed just below his YouTube videos in the comments section.
  • Write This, Not That -- Here is a list of specific hints about what students should write in their FRQ's to get credit and common things they write that do NOT earn them credit.
  • Tyler DeWitt--Hydrogen Bonding & Common Mistakes -- This is a video suggested by one of the participants.  Tyler has many other videos as well for chemistry.
  • Flinn's Free Resources -- Flinn has made many videos of demonstrations that are available on their site for free.  To find them go to Browse by Category (near the top left of their main page) > Resources > Chemistry > Chemical Demonstrations.  In addition to chemical demonstrations, there are downloadable .pdf's giving instructions as well.  There are great ideas here.
  • Ben Ku's Web Site -- I only mentioned Mr. Ku about a hundred times during the APSI.  Here is a link to his web site where he has links to the videos that accompany the Honors and AP curriculum.
  • Large Post-It Notes -- Here is the link to where those huge post-it type notes were purchased.  They stuck really nicely to the glass.  I have found in my classroom that they don't stick as well to the walls.  They stick nicely to a clean white board, however.
  • PES Webcast -- Here is a link to a page with Jamie Benigna's presentation about PES.  This presentation uses Flash which may cause a problem on some computer systems.
  • AP Supports 2019 -- Here is the link for the College Board web site describing the new supports that will be available for the 2019-2020 school year.  This includes the AP Test Bank, Unit Guides, etc.
  • Extreme Glow Nightsticks -- Here is the company where I purchased those bright, short-lived light sticks for the kinetics demonstration.  You need to purchase quite a few (100) to get free shipping.  Remember, when they quote a price like $8.50 each, they are talking about a bag of 10 nightsticks.  Keep them in the refrigerator to make them last longer.
  • ROYGBV Demo Information -- Here is specific information about the demonstration with the theatrical gels (cellophane) which is an analogy for the photoelectric effect.
    Roscolux Rx25 (Lt. Red) -- (this leaks a little)
    Roscolux Rx22 (Deep Amber)
    Roscolux Rx10 (Med. Yellow)
    [Note: I put some of the Med. Yellow behind the Red and Orange windows, too.]
    Roscolux Rx 389 (Chroma Green)
    Roscolux Rx 68 (Sky Blue)
    Roscolux Rx48 (Rose Purple)
    I mentioned that there are sample booklets that contain a small sample (1.75" x 3.25")  of each gel from this company.  You can find them online by following the link at the beginning of this note. I did a Google search for "Roscolux sample book" and found several sources.  The least expensive one ($1.50) is the one I linked above.  They also sell sample books with 3" x 6" samples for about $25.
Jolene McDowell, Danielle Burt, Daniel Barrientes, Amanda Wilson, Alison Gee
Jolene McDowell, Danielle Burt, Daniel Barrientes, Amanda Wilson, Alison Gee
Joanna Shea, Marlene Gutierrez, Susan Cooper, Brad Vereen, Michael Ng
Joanna Shea, Marlene Gutierrez, Susan Cooper, Brad Vereen, Michael Ng
Pam McDonald, Jon Shezaf, Anna Leemon, Summer Snider
Pam McDonald, Jon Shezaf, Anna Leemon, Summer Snider

Daniel BarrientesConcordia International School
Danielle BurtClayton Valley Charter High
Susan CooperHayward High
Alison GeeYork
Marlene GutierrezTerra Nova High
Anna LeemonRancho Cotate High
Pamela McDonaldSt. Joseph High
Jolene McDowellMat Su Career and Technical High
Michael NgPaul Kane High
Joanna SheaIndepedence High
Jonathan ShezafICA Cristo Rey
Summer SniderHesperia High
Brad VereenDublin High
Amanda WilsonClayton Valley Charter High