Marin on the Bay APSI
July 17 - 20, 2017
San Domenico School, San Anselmo, CA


  • 60 Seconds -- Brain Charge by Dr. Reggie Melrose is the program we use at SPHS.  I remember that we saw a YouTube video about a school in Montreal, Canada.
  • BBC Documentary "ATOM: The Clash of the Titans" -- Summarizes the history of Atomic Theory, the development of Quantum Theory, culminating in the Copenhagen interpretation.
  • Richard Feynman - "The Rules of Chess" -- The scientific process is analogous to discovering chess.
  • Transverse Traveling Wave -- Simple, 2-D introduction to waves; relates amplitude, wavelength, & frequency.
  • Applets -- Primarily for math, physics, & engineering, but the following ones are useful for visualization chemistry.
    - Thermodynamics: Gas particles simulation models kinetic theory (
    - Quantum Mechanics: Wave functions of molecular orbitals (
  • Molecular Orbitals Applet -- Here is another molecular orbitals applet shared by Matt.
  • Cassiopeia Project -- Cassiopeia Project has produced a series of (short) podcasts nicely describing quantum theory:
    - Available on iTunes, or the link above.
  • K'nex -- Bryan shared a link to the K'nex toy that would make a great building material for tetrahedral and other types of bubbles.  Thanks Bryan!
  • Learning Objectives List -- Here is list of the L.O.'s by Janny.  The learning objectives are written in plain language and fit on one two-sided page.
  • Whole Class Inquiry--Creating Student-Centered Science Communities -- Janny mentioned this book in class.  This is an NSTA Publication.  The book includes videos that demonstrates how inquiry looks in the classroom.
  • Atomic Orbitals -- This site allows you to display the various atomic orbitals (s, p, d, & f), but moreover, allows you to display all of a certain subshell together to see how they overlap to form a sphere of electron probability.
  • Magnetic Water Molecule Kit -- This is from Educational Innovations.  I really like this kit to illustrate ice crystals, hydration of ions, and intermolecular forces of attraction.
  • Ben Ku's Web Site -- I mentioned Mr. Ku, my former teaching colleague at South Pasadena High School.  Here is a link to his web site.
  • Large Post-It Notes -- Here is the link to where those huge post-it type notes were purchased.  They stuck really nicely to the glass.  I have found in my classroom that they don't stick as well to the walls.  They stick nicely to a clean white board, however.
  • Extreme Glow Lightsticks -- Here is the company where I purchased those bright, short-lived light sticks for the kinetics demonstration.  You need to purchase quite a few (100) to get free shipping.  Remember, when they quote a price like $8.50 each, they are talking about a bag of 10 nightsticks.  Keep them in the refrigerator to make them last longer.
Supriya Moore, Maria Reyes, Janny Cahotol, Virginia Vogl, Ger Walsh
Supriya Moore, Maria Reyes, Janny Cahotol, Virginia Vogl, Ger Walsh
Bryan Powell, Matt Batz, Devin Nelson, Justin Louie, Jeff Cogorno
Bryan Powell, Matt Batz, Devin Nelson, Justin Louie, Jeff Cogorno

Matthew BatzWestmont High
Janny CahatolSaratoga High
Jeff CogornoStony Point
Paul GrovesSouth Pasadena High
Justin LouieNovato High
Supriya MooreMonta Vista High
Devin NelsonSacred Heart Cathedral
Bryan PowellChowchilla Union High
Maria ReyesRichmond High
Virginia VoglSan Marin High
Ger WalshAmerican Foundation