Silver State
AP Institute

June 25 - 28, 2007

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The Participants
Marie Burgar Bishop Gorman High School
Stacey Cool Golden Valley High School
Lawrence Evans Oakland Technical High School
James Holmes Andre Agassi College Prepatory Academy
Anna Lindemann Sierra Vista High School
Gary Martin Mojave High School
Conrad Peterson McQueen High School
Calvin Phillips Rancho High School
Kenneth Pringle Abraham Lincoln High School
Sergio Ramirez Riverside High School
Chris Reilly Chilliwack Secondary
Kiley Veigel Eldorado High School
Paul Groves, Instructo South Pasadena High School


ChemEd'2007 -- A Great Summer Meeting
I mentioned that on even-numbered years, there is a big summer chemistry meeting called the BCCE (Biennial Conference in Chemical Education). In 2008 it will be at Indiana University, Bloomington. On odd-numbered years, you can go to ChemEd. This summer's is in Denton, Texas.

Stacey's (soon-to-be Dr. Cool's) Handouts
AP Diagnostic Quiz (Word)
Lab - An Analogy for an Equilibrium Reaction (Word)
Lab - Calorimetry of Zn and AgNO3 (Word)
Lab - Determination of Empirical Formula of CuI (Word)
Lab - Kinetic Study of Thiosulfate in Acid (Word)
Song - Entropy by Moxy Fruvous (mp3)

Website: Stacey's Chemistry Page
This website is a place for her to post her classroom assignments. It might be empty at the beginning of the year.

Website: Dr. Cotton's Pre-AP Chemistry Class Notes
This website has a collection of Powerpoint presentations. They may be useful as is or as a starting point for your own presentations.

Website: David's Whizzy Periodic Table
This is the cool presentation of the first 36 elements looking at the electrons filling and showing that the energy of each orbital changes as more protons enter the nucleus.

Website: Flash Animation of Tom Lehrer's Element Song.
This is a wonderful presentation that shows all the names and follows the music beautifully. The little animations are great... the more the student's know about the elements, the more they will get out of this.

Website: J Swango's Virtual Chemistry Classroom Page.
Quite honestly, I don't remember why we were looking at this page. It has a lot of links and I plan to do some exploring.

Website: The Visual Elements Screensaver.
This is cool periodic table with graphically stunning symbols for each element. There are actual posters you can purchase and this screensaver displays one element at a time.

Website: I'm Dreaming of a White Precipitate.
This is what the demo looks like that goes with my Chemistry Carol.

Kiley's Handouts -- "As promised here is the gold penny lab. I use this lab as an introduction lab for the students to practice using the lab equipment (especially bunsen burners) and lab safety but I'm sure could also be used somewhere in the Chem II/AP curriculum. I am also including the s'more lab....which is used when talking about limiting reactants. This one may be better suited for Chem I but since we were talking about it I will send it as well."
Kiley's Gold Lab (Word)
Kiley's S'more Lab (Word)

Lawrence writes: "I have two resources that I would like to share on the web page for our institute group."
Neil Rapp from Bloomington, Indiana has a CD with many Chemistry and AP Chemistry PowerPoints that he will send to "visiting teachers" for a cost of $5. His instructions on how to obtain a complete set of his powerpoints can be found near the bottom of the page if you follow the link.

Website: Nancy Clark's Resources
Nancy Clark from Massachusetts has retired after 39 years of teaching Science. She has a page with links to Mrs. J's PowerPoints, Jeopardy software, "World of Chemistry" videos, Chemistry jokes, a student safety contract, and much more.
--Note from Paul... I've taken a little time to look at this site... it is PACKED with good stuff... I will definitely come back to grab more resources. Good job, Lawrence!

pH Rainbow
Fill a graduated cyllinder about 2/3 full of 0.1 M HCl with some universal indicator. Tilt the cylinder and add a few mL of saturated Na2CO3. The dense liquid will sink to the bottom with a purple (basic) color. As the acid and carbonate react to form CO2 gas and H2O, the pH gradient forms a rainbow. [Click on image for larger picture.]

From Former Years:
Zumdahl Powerpoints
Here are some useful powerpoint presentations designed to follow the Zumdahl text.

National Chemistry Olympiad
This is part of the American Chemical Society's web site. The multiple choice tests are useful as practice exams for both the NChO Competition in March as well as for AP practice. These exams are kind of heavy in organic. The National Exam each year also includes two open-ended laboratory questions. The older exams can be found on the Chem Team web site (link from chemmybear). I have sorted some of these by topic and use them as additional practice topic by topic. Look for these on my "Handouts by Chapter" list on my AP chemistry class's page.

Atom Bond Or The Atom With The Golden Electron A parody of a James Bond movie. Golden Metallic Bond is sent off to investigate why carbon, nitrogen and other atoms are training themselves into other types of bonds. He discovers their bond school and university, finding that they are all working towards 'Project D'. In the finale, Bond is shown around a giant DNA. All the standard cliches and puns are used to contrive a wave showing each type of bond. 'ATOM' Award winner 1999. Gold Award, Beijing Science Festival 2000.
28 minutes 1999
US web site,

Gels used in the ROYGBV Photoelectric Effect Demo
Roscolux Rx25 (Lt. Red) -- (this leaks a little)
Roscolux Rx22 (Deep Amber)
Roscolux Rx10 (Med. Yellow)
Roscolux Rx 389 (Chroma Green)
Roscolux Rx 68 (Sky Blue)
Roscolux Rx48 (Rose Purple)
I bought my gels at: Premier Lighting

D&S Marketing
We talked about the question books from D&S Marketing. The multiple choice questions are written in the same format (non-calculator) as the AP exam. The website has some sample pages to look at. There are free-response questions as well. You need to buy the books in lots of 10.

Demos from Univ of Wisconsin
I was looking around the Internet for some images of demonstrations and came across this site. It is sort of a catalog of demos so the college professors can choose which ones they want to have set up for their classes... there are some good images here and a good reminder of some demonstrations worth doing.

Poem That Makes Sense After Studying Predicting Reactions:
Johnny finding life a bore, drank some H2SO4.
Johnny's father, an M.D., gave him CaCO3.
Johnny's neutralized, it's true,
But now he's full of CO2.