Esperanza High School
Anaheim, CA
July 27 - 30, 2015

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Justin Fournier, Ron Shaefer, Rita Leung and Stacie Dahl

Stephanie Shirey, Abbey Zinsser, Marie-Claire Siddall and Luther Pointer

Maelanie Galima, Margaret Wiedower, Keauna Shoemake and Linda Ye

Paul Le, Suad Yousef, Cristalle Callis and Blia Yang

Laura Hier

Name    School    Email
Cristalle Callis Academy Charter HS
Stacie Dahl West Adams Prep HS
Justin Fournier Oxford Academy
Maelanie Galima Lynwood High School
Laura Hier Rowland High School
Paul Le Glenn High School
Rita Leung Connections Academy
Luther Pointer Anaheim High School
Ron Shaefer Santa Ana High School
Stephanie Shirey El Dorado High School
Keauna Shoemake Barstow High School
Marie-Claire Siddall Godinez High School
Margaret Wiedower Academy of Our Lady of Peace
Blia Yang Merced High School
Linda Ye Cortines School of Performing Arts
Abbey Zinsser Tustin High School
Suad Yousef Wallis Annenberg High School
Paul Groves South Pasadena High School