Posted by Paul Groves on July 19, 2016


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I had a large, friendly group of teachers to work with at Texas Christian University. The weather was fairly hot and humid, but we stayed cool indoors.

Posted by Paul Groves on June 25, 2016

Jack & Giulio’s

Ron was with me at the San Diego APSI, so we did get to do a little “vacation stuff”. We went out to a wonderful Italian Restaurant in Old Town San Diego. The restaurant is called Jack & Giulio’s. I had Valdostana di Vitello (Yum) and Ron had a fancy seafood platter, Cioppino! I highly recommend this restaurant.

Posted by Paul Groves on June 25, 2016

AP by the Sea

I got to work with 20 terrific teachers in San Diego this past week. Teachers who are willing to give up a week of their summer to improve their teaching is always inspiring. I shared my ideas and picked up some great new ideas as well. The APSI (Advanced Placement Summer Institute) is called AP by the Sea. From the patio of this building, you can see the ocean.

Posted by Paul Groves on June 10, 2016

Teaching IMFs

After finishing the 2016 AP Reading, I think I would like to add to the bottom of this t-shirt “I’M NOT A HYDROGEN BOND”.

Over and over, I read student responses that indicated a bond with hydrogen constituted a “hydrogen bond”. Students were confusing the COVALENT bond within a molecule to the attraction between molecules caused by the very polar bond formed between H and O (or H & F or H & N). I’m going to focus on this idea this year in Screencasts.

Posted by Paul Groves on June 9, 2016

Officially Retired

I am now officially retired from teaching. I don’t feel any different. I still have things to get done. I have four APSI’s this summer plus an online course through UCLA Extension. I think I am a little more relaxed about it all because underlying all of the preparations and planning, I know there will be no papers to grade and no grades to assign. I’ll just be helping other teachers begin or improve their AP chemistry classes.